About this Site

This blog was born out of the author’s passion for coding as well as anything IT related. The trigger was when he found in a drawer his old Texas Instruments TI-59, one of the first pocket programmable calculators. At the same time the author had taken interest in learning Kotlin. And the idea was born: Write a compiler in Kotlin!

The author is by no means an expert on compilers, so he did some research and came across the tutorial “Let’s Build a Compiler!” by Jack Crenshaw. The Let’s build a Compiler Blog on this site is an adaptation of Jack’s original series into Kotlin with his kind permission.

The original idea was to produce code for the TI-59. However, as explained later, it would be much more beneficial to produce code for x86 that everyone could play with and actually run and test.

For those readers who are not familiar with Kotlin but would like to learn, some resources can be found in JetBrains Academy or Kotlin docs.

From time to time I will also be publishing here other pieces of code that I have written or have come across recently, which I consider interesting.

Thank you for visiting my website and enjoy your coding!

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